Friday, July 9, 2010

New Blog: The Manhattan Project

Good morning everyone.

Thought I would give a brief heads-up to let you all know I've started a new blog, The Manhattan Project, dedicated to the drinking and mixology of fine spirits and fine dining and entertainment in and around the Boston area (and no doubt beyond).

Since men's adventure fiction tends to go hand in hand with the enjoyment of adult beverages, perhaps a few of you might find this new blog of interest. If so, please stop by and say hello.



Scott Salsman said...

Hey, I just found your blog, and I'm excited, too! I would actually like to write these sort of books someday...someday...

Badelaire said...

Hey Scott - thanks for dropping by! How did you find the blog, if I may ask? Always glad to have another reader, and hope you stick around for a while.

- J.

Scott Salsman said...

I'm always adding blogs to my list based on my interests on a given day. I believe I Googled "blogspot 'action/adventure writer'", or something like that. I was looking for advice on writing action novels, but I like this a lot, too! It can only help.

J. E. Badelaire said...


Another post will be landing Monday morning - a review of an early Death Merchant novel.