Monday, August 30, 2010

My New RPG Project

Although this blog isn't about role-playing games, it is one of my interests and there is, I feel, a strong tie between the sort of casual escapism that most PMP-style fiction gives the reader and the act of playing a fun adventure-style pen-and-paper RPG. Because of this, I think the two interests are more linked than many people might realize.

So without further ado, I present the "teaser" for an RPG project I'm currently developing:


Scott Salsman said...

Cool. I looked for something like this for months with little success. I'm a total newb, but I'm interested.

J. E. Badelaire said...

Glad to hear. There are RPGs out there that deal with WW2, but I think they tend to focus on a "big picture" RPG view of the war (such as GURPS WW2).

This game is going to be a lot more tightly focused.

English Teacher X said...

good to see you back, man!