Monday, February 7, 2011

Joe Kenney's Letter From Gar Wilson

Over at Glorious Trash, blogger Joe Kenney shares with us a letter he received from "Gar Wilson" (a pen name for Gold Eagle Books' Phoenix Force series) after his 13-year old self mailed in a story idea for a Phoenix Force novel.

Although the idea was rejected (it involved a trip to Mars), someone at Gold Eagle decided to write a very thoughtful and informative letter to the young reader, giving some really great, inspirational advice on how to write, doing research, and what one should do to get published. Whoever this GE staffer or house writer was, they took a good deal of time out of their own schedule to write back to a young fan and give real, usable advice that is as worthwhile today as it was in 1988.

Here's the blog post over at Glorious Trash. You should all give Joe's blog a read-through; there's a lot of great content there!

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