Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Reading For Vacation Week Has Arrived

And there's more on the way. At least four other Able Team titles and another Sergeant book. I won't be going through all of them next week, but I'm going to put a damn big dentin the pile, that's for sure.

Hopefully somewhere along the way I'll finish my manuscript and get the first draft of Hatchet Force put together for scrutiny.

And then there's Paintball this weekend, and some vacation sightseeing, and graduate school, and...I'm going to need more vacation days...

I was a little surprised I could find "Get Tough!" so easily, but it's been reprinted many times over the years, and it looks like a fun read.  And by "fun read", I mean it is of course serious research for my World War Two adventure stories...yeah that's it...

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