Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trailers for Bronson's Death Wish and The Mechanic

This past weekend I finally finished the rough draft of my revenge thriller, Killer Instincts.  It took me about a year of irregular writing and editing and pecking at the project when I could work up the courage, but it's finally there, all ~100,000 words.

When people ask me what the story is about, in typical former film student fashion, I fall back on the stereotypical Hollywood "This story is X meets Y" method of explaining a plot, so I tell people "The book is Bronson's Death Wish meets his movie The Mechanic".  One part vigilante crusade, one part contract killer origin story.

With that in mind, I provide trailers to both films.  The second trailer is newer than the theatrical release; I'm guessing it was included in a DVD of some sort.  It does, however, show the dynamic between Bronson and Jan Michael Vincent's characters a lot better.

If you've never seen either of these movies, I urge you to check them out - both are great 70's action thrillers.

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Machine Trooper said...

I caught the last 3/4s of the Mechanic on the tube many years ago. For some reason I thought it was a low budget cult film--don't remember the pyrotechnics much, and I'd never heard of it. Mentioned it to my brother and he said it was one of my father's favorite flicks. Go figure. Gotta watch it again, from the beginning.