Thursday, July 7, 2011

Joe Kenney is a God Among Mortals

Why is this book-reviewing machine made flesh a resident of the divine realm?  Because he finds and reads - nay, devours - such delightful trash as David Alexander's Phoenix #1: Dark Messiah.  You all really need to go over to Joe's blog and read this review ASAP, because Joe considers this one of the most over-the-top action pulps he's ever read.  And considering he's read titles I've never even heard of, that is a gold-leaf seal of approval from deep in the heart of Texas.

Joe was the fellow who brought us the review of Penetrator #1: The Target is H, which appeared in Hatchet Force Journal #1.  He's got dozens of amazing reviews up on his blog, Glorious Trash, and since I have been following his reviews, I see now that I must really step up with my A-Game if I'm going to compete in the pulp review arena. 

Joe points out in his Dark Messiah review that the five novels in the Phoenix series are now available as an e-book compilation.  One of the most awesome (in my mind at least) aspects of the new e-book revolution is the e-pubbing of titles that have been out of print for years or even decades and lack any real justification for a new print run.  After all, what 21st century publishing house would print this stuff and distribute it to brick & mortar bookstores? Sadly this won't be possible with every series (although, Gold Eagle Books, if you released your old Able Team and Phoenix Force titles as e-books you would make bank), but for many this would be a wonderful occurrence.

I just picked up the Phoenix Rising e-book compilation, and if you like lurid post-nuke trash as much as I do, you should too.


Joe Kenney said...

Jack -- thanks, I'm flattered! Yes, Dark Phoenix is truly OTT. And the other day I finished #2, which is more of the same, featuring a final third which is not only tasteless but incidental to the rest of the novel...which makes me think that Alexander only wrote it in an attempt to out-gross himself. But I've never read anything like the Phoenix series. You're right too about e-books; Alexander himself has a slew of them on there, though it appears these days he mostly turns out technothrillers. He has one titled "Death Pulse" however which sounds very much in the Phoenix mold. Anyway, thanks again for the post and I hope you enjoy Phoenix -- I'm betting you will, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to your next issue of the HFJ....!!

sled dog joe

Goldlion70 said...

I just stumbled across your blog while doing a randon web search for Jerry Ahern books. I love the site. Reading about these treasured books of my youth brings back great memories. I like to think that my voracious reading habits led me to my current career(no not free wheeling mercenary) but librarian. I eagerly await your review of Ahern's Track series, which I'm sure you will be reviewing shortly. ahem

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Like Goldlion70 I too stumbled upon your site while researching Mack Bolan, Able Team, Stony Man and Phoenix Force series. I am trying to put together a small collection of these books. I find your blog both interesting and informative. Any idea why Gold Eagle stopped Phoenix Force at #51? The rest, I believe, continue till date.

Cy Mathews said...

Alexander's prose is stunning. I wish I had the talent/courage to write such delirious trash.

Tom Johnson said...

A lot of these books come up for swap on my Yahoo Group trade Site at
One member was listing the first fifty Destroyer books for sale a while back at a reasonable price. And every now and then some real gems show up for trade or sale.