Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Boskone 49: A Few Sci-Fi Convention Observations

Over at my other "main" blog, Tankards & Broadswords, I posted a lengthy post-mortem of my experience at the Boskone 49 Science Fiction convention here in Boston this past weekend.

Here's a link to my post.

If your'e a fan of Sci-Fi fiction, especially a good blend of classic and new media, and live in the New England area (or can get to Boston relatively easily) I highly recommend attending some time.


Tom Johnson said...

I used to love going to SF conventions, but it has been years now, and most are too far to travel. As a fan, writer, and collection of science fiction, I've hosted local book clubs around the U.S. while in the military, and found them a delight. Sadly, they seem to only exist on the Internet today. Another thing I miss is swapping books with other collectors. I've ended up with thousands of SF digest magazines and paperbacks over the years that I no longer need, but prefer swapping for stuff I want to read to selling.

Jack Badelaire said...

Bought a half dozen old paperbacks off of a very nice elderly woman who was pleasant and talkative without being pushy or weird. A little unusual at a sci-fi convention. Even though I could find this stuff online (and do nowadays more than at used book stores), you never know what you'll find, or that you were even looking for it, until it's in your hands.