Monday, June 25, 2012

The First Killer Instincts Review Is Here

The first review landed for my vigilante revenge thriller, Killer Instincts. Here's the body of the review, copied from Amazon's page:

This book is a fun and violent tale of murder and revenge. It is the first novel by Jack Badelaire and he seems to be starting out what may be the saga of William Lynch, a mercenary cut from the same mold as Mack Bolan, Rambo, The Punisher and other guys with guns who I read about and watched when I was growing up. I follow Badelaire's blog and know he's a fan of the 70's and 80's pulp action genre and wanted to see how his version goes. The answer- pretty darn well!

After a completing a secret rescue mission a mercenary reflects on his past and how he got into the death dealing business. The long and the short of it is, tragedy strikes a college student's family. He decides he wants vengeance and with the help and shady connections of his Vietnam vet uncle, trains until he feels ready to even the score. The story moves fast and doesn't skimp on the action. The characters are fun sorts that an action fan recognizes, the battle hardened veteran, the leathery and tough-as-nails mentor and the greasy slimebags that stand in the way of the hero. And the guns! Badelaire has done a lot of homework on weapons and tactics and definitely enjoys putting it to use in this book. Lots of things find lots of ways to make the bad guys look a whole lot worse, if you know what I mean.

The dialogue is fun and the action scenes move fast. Badelaire creates some fun showdowns between Lynch and a variety of goons and gunmen. The opening sequence jumps right into action and there's some fun firefights throughout the book. Also, a particular highlight is the showdown between Lynch and a professional killer in a parking garage.

This is a fun read that'll please action fans.
 The Amazon product page for Killer Instincts can be found here.

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