Friday, July 13, 2012

The Guns of KILLER INSTINCTS Part 3: The Paggiano Crime Family

For this segment of the series, I've decided to look at the Paggiano crime family (and one of their named henchmen). I'll save the guns used by their nameless gunsels and other firearms that crop up in the book for Part 4.

SIG Sauer P228 9mm Automatic
An assassin hired by the Paggiano family, Julian is a sleek, stylish, and sophisticated operator, and I wanted to give him a cool-looking handgun to go with his image. While I'm not that big a fan of the SIG series of pistols myself, they are a well regarded family of firearms, and the SIG P228 is a well-made, compact 9mm automatic that's a good counterpoint to something like the Glock 19.

John Paggiano
AKS-74U 5.45x39mm Assault Rifle
 John appears in the final climactic battle of the novel with a "short-barreled AK-style assault rifle". In my mind, the weapon he carried was an AKS-74U. Basically a shortened AK-74 assault rifle with a folding stock, this would be a brutal close-quarters firefight weapon, definitely out-classing an Uzi firing subsonic ammunition.

Mary Paggiano
SIG Sauer P232 .380 Automatic
On the other hand, John's wife, Mary, has a much more subdued weapon - the SIG P232 automatic. Again, a very sleek, well made weapon that would work fine as a carry pistol for a woman who has small hands and isn't able to handle a more powerful recoil. 

Adam Paggiano
Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum Revolver
I don't think it was intended for Adam, John and Mary's teenaged son, to wind up with this Ruger GP100 hand-cannon. However, he gets his hands on one during the final battle. I've fired a Ruger Speed Six in .38, but not this larger handgun. I've always admired the Ruger revolver line, especially the Security Six and Super Redhawk, and I think they often go ignored by people who lean towards Smith & Wesson or Colt. 

Dominic Paggiano
Star S Series .380 Automatic
An old man in his 70's, who probably hasn't had to shoot anyone in a few decades since he's been the head of the family, Dominic has this vintage Star S .380 ACP in his bedstand more for sentimental value. Still, regardless of his age (or the gun's age), Dominic doesn't have any reservations about using it...

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