Tuesday, July 3, 2012

James Reasoner Reviews KILLER INSTINCTS!

A few weeks ago, as my novel was coming out on Amazon, I asked several authors if they would find the time to read my book, and if they found it worthy, give it a few kind words. Well, veteran author James Reasoner did more than that. Far, far more!

To quote a few passages from James' incredibly kind review:
"...I figured there was a good chance I'd enjoy his first novel KILLER INSTINCTS.  What I didn't really expect was that it would turn out to be one of the best books I've read so far this year."
"What makes KILLER INSTINCTS work so well is some fine writing that goes deeper into the characterization than is sometimes found in action/adventure fiction."

"...Badelaire never lets things turn into a lecture. Even when William and Richard are discussing the philosophy of violence, the dialogue is crisp, fast-moving, and often funny despite the grim circumstances."

"The action scenes are also top-notch, well written and easy to follow. More than anything, the character of William carries this book. He's no superhero, and he's complex enough that the reader can't help but root for him."

"If you're looking for a well-written, involving thriller, you should definitely check this one out."   
 I have to say, James' review has me grinning from ear to ear like a complete idiot. Thank you James, and for everyone else, take a moment to wander over to Rough Edges, James' blog, and take a look around. He's got some great articles and reviews, and many of his books are available on Amazon for the Kindle at very reasonable prices.

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Civil War Horror (Sean McLachlan) said...

Congrats on the great review! That's one of the things that keeps authors like us going.