Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 19th and 20th, Rat Bastards 13-16 FREE on Amazon!

Another announcement from Premier Publishing:

The Last 4 Rat Bastards Books (#13-16) are free today & tomorrow!

The Rat Bastards #13: Tough Guys Die Hard
The world is their war zone!
The war’s never over for the battle-toughened Rat Bastards. From one jungle hell to another, they strike raw terror and drive razor-sharp bayonets into the heart of their enemies. Always in the thick of the fight, they hit hard and die harder. And when a new band of misfits joins their ranks, you can hear the panic buttons getting pushed all the way to Tokyo. The Rat Bastards. Turning losers into hell-bent heroes.

The Rat Bastards #14: Suicide River
The Japs are staging a surprise attack.
But a bigger, bloodier surprise is waiting for them! Whoever controls New Guinea can turn the tide of the war. That’s why the Japs are mounting a bold sneak attack designed to wipe out the Americans. But the Rat Bastards know when and where the enemy plans to strike. Can they quit thrill-hunting and fighting each other long enough to become the killer combat until the Yanks need to survive?

The Rat Bastards #15: Satan's Cage
Only the winners survive!
To the victor go no spoils in the bloody battle for New Guinea. This is the Rat Bastards’ kind of war. They don’t fight for glory, but for survival. Reluctant heroes and outlaw soldiers, they hate the steaming, Jap-filled jungles, but they wouldn’t trade places with anybody. So for a high kill ratio, the Army calls on the experts. The Rat Bastards. Making history is what comes naturally to them.

The Rat Bastards #16: Go Down Fighting
Kamikaze Kill Sweep!
The Rat Bastards face the deadliest battle of all as the war draws to an explosive end. The Japanese launch a final, desperate attack – a blood-hungry suicide mission. And the Rat Bastards finally meet their match. Kicking, clawing, shooting, stabbing - whatever it takes to kill the battle-crazed enemy – The Rat Bastards will do it. The tougher the opposition, the harder the Rat Bastards fight back. And the deadliest group of killers in the world – with one exception…


BISH said...

Thx, Jack ... I'm all over these. I hit the 'like' button and posted the info over to FB and Twitter ...

Hank Brown said...

Argh! I missed it! Sometimes it really sucks to have a real job.