Friday, August 3, 2012

Book Review: PRIMAL Origin by Jack Silkstone

Just wanted to post this quick review today before the weekend rolls around. PRIMAL: Origin is a short story written by Jack Silkstone, an intelligence and covert operations expert with real time in the field. He's created an interesting premise with Origin; a trio of intelligence and couner-terror experts who go off the reservation, funded by a Middle Eastern business magnate who abhors terrorism and what it does around the world, who wants to lend some of his finances and resources towards creating a private, covert organization that can fight a global war on terror, writing their own rules and going after the guys that the governments can't (or won't) touch.

Origin is the story that leads up to this premise, and although I might be leaking a few spoilers, Silkstone considers this short story a prequel to his PRIMAL series, so what happens at the end of the story isn't that much of a surprise. I think it's great to see a series like this, something that hearkens back to the Pinnacle and Gold Eagle days of men's adventure fiction, as well as to television series like The A-Team or Knight Rider, stories about men and women operating above the law in order to uphold the law: maybe not to the letter, but the spirit.

My to-be-read pile is filled to overflowing and I'm working my best to get COMMANDO: Operation Arrowhead out the door in the next week or two. But rest assured, I'll be reading the next story in Silkstone's series, PRIMAL: Unleashed shortly.

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