Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Free Promotion for KILLER INSTINCTS

My vigilante revenge novel KILLER INSTINCTS is free for the Kindle today on Amazon. I set the promotion up last night and I was going to post the announcement this morning, not realizing how fast some people would pick up on it and start downloading. By 7:30 this morning I'd already had a dozen downloads, and I've had more than 70 so far - and it's not even 11 AM!  I'm currently at #13 for Kindle Men's Adventure. Hopefully we can climb into the single digits by the end of the day.

UPDATE: It's 12:00 PM, and I've hit 132 downloads so far today. I can't believe how well this promotion is working out. At this rate, I may extend the promotion deal into tomorrow.

UPDATE #2: It's 4:30, and there have been 300 downloads. The book is currently #2 in Men's Adventure Free fiction and #736 in all Kindle Free books. Talk about awesome!

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