Thursday, September 6, 2012

NANOK and the Tower of Sorrows is Free for Kindle Today

My Promotion Week continues today, with my Sword & Sorcery pastiche, NANOK and the Tower of Sorrows. Allow me to quote this review of the short story from the Amazon website:
One more sip of Michael Moorcock's too-absinthe-for-its-own-good Elric threatens to make you ill? Mix one part Marvel's old B&W Savage Sword of Conan with one part trash-talking Schwarzenegger action flick, add a splash of Lloyd Alexander's The Chronicles of Prydian and two splashes Sergio Aragones' Groo, shake violently to the consistency of frothy blood, and the resulting refreshing cocktail is Nanok and the Tower of Sorrows.
 The UK promotion figures for Killer Instincts were a little late, but they came in this morning. I had 219 free downloads, as well as 3 in Germany and 1 in Italy. Downloads from the US were 558 in total. 781 total free downloads in two days is pretty awesome, if you ask me, and I've already had purchases going out the door since the promotion ended, hopefully as a result of the increased visibility.

I also released Rivalry - A Ghost Story as a free promotion yesterday. Between the US and other countries, I had over 200 downloads in 24 hours. We'll see how Nanok does today, and tomorrow I'll be putting Hatchet Force Journal #1 out for free. So far, I've had over a thousand downloads of various titles this week; that's several times more than my total sales over the last 15 months. Being able to get copies of my work into the hands of hundreds more readers is an incredible thing.

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