Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coming in 2013, COMMANDO: Operation Bedlam

France, July 1941

The French resistance leader Andre Bouchard, the "Butcher of Calais", has finally been captured by the SS colonel Johann Faust. The famed Nazi partisan hunter is determined to break the will of his captive and tear apart Bouchard's fledgling network of freedom fighters. Despite the Frenchman's determination to give Faust nothing, each man knows it is only a matter of time before the SS will have what it needs to eradicate the last of the resistance.

However, all is not lost. Word of Bouchard's capture has reached the British government, and the decision is made to launch a desperate rescue mission before Faust succeeds in his plan. Once again, Corporal Thomas Lynch of His Majesty's No. 3 Commando is being sent with the rest of his squad to rendezvous with the few surviving partisans and either free Bouchard from his imprisonment in Calais...or make sure he's silenced forever.

The Commandos know this is all but a suicide mission, slipping into the heart of an occupied city to snatch one man from the clutches of a crack unit of SS. But the fate of the French resistance movement, and with it the success of any Allied invasion of France, hangs in the balance. With Thompsons and Lee-Enfields, Sten guns and grenades, knives and knuckle dusters, the men of 3 Commando will do whatever it takes to see the mission through.

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