Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Movie Review: Outpost (2008)

So I'm thinking this is just going to turn into a collection of WW2-themed horror movies...but hey, that's okay, right? World War Two was pretty damn horrific, so it's fitting.

Outpost is a creepy direct-to-video action horror film with a pretty simple premise. A bunch of mercenaries are hired to take someone out to an abandoned Nazi bunker in the wilderness. Once there, they discover that horrible scientific research was carried out on the Nazi soldiers themselves. Unfortunately for the mercs, that research has come back to haunt them...

This movie is a fun, low-budget, but serviceable flick. What pulled me to it was that it stars Ray Stevenson, one of my favorite actors right now ever since I saw him as one of the two main characters in HBO's series, ROME. Stevenson gives this movie just enough oomph to carry it through, without making himself seem like the only reason to watch it.

Here's the trailer for the film. If you catch it On Demand or somesuch, give it a go.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting your review of Outpost, Jack. I thought it was a great movie when I saw it a few years ago. I just saw that they made a sequel called Outpost: Black Sun. The first one was good, so I figured I’d check this one out and added it to my DISH Blockbuster @Home rental queue. I am having a few of my DISH coworkers over for movie night this weekend, and the disk should be here just in time. You should check it out and let us know what you think.

Jack Murphy said...

I saw this one back in the day and really enjoyed it. Zombie Nazi Ghosts...what's not to love?