Thursday, November 1, 2012

Now on Amazon: The Train to Calais

June, 1941. The French partisan Andre Bouchard - known as "The Butcher of Calais" for his bloody crusade against the Nazis - leads a desperate band of resistance fighters to strike a blow against the occupying German army. Their mission: derail a train traveling to Calais carrying German troops and their supplies, then kill every living soul on board.

Everything seems to be going according to plan, but the fate of an innocent village boy becomes entangled with Bouchard's plot. Will he risk the success of the mission to save the boy, or will the Butcher of Calais strike at his enemies, no matter the consequences?

The Train to Calais is a short story of the French Resistance during World War Two. It is related to the events that take place in the novel COMMANDO: Operation Arrowhead, but can be enjoyed on its own.

This is a Short Story of approximately 8,400 words.

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