Friday, March 1, 2013

Killer Instincts is Free Today - For the Last Time!

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For various reasons, I'm opting out of my next round of Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing Select for both my Commando novel and Killer Instincts. While this means I'll be able to sell digital copies of my novels in other venues, it also means I won't be able to do free promotion days through Amazon as easily (you have to do weird price-matching games via outlets that let you do free books on an indefinite basis).

So if you're curious about my debut novel, described by one reviewer as "Death Wish for the Twenty-Teens", head on over to Amazon today and pick it up for free. And, if you don't have an ereader or have no interest in ebooks, you can still buy the trade paperback for $9.99, which is a pretty good deal as far as trade paperbacks go.

From Amazon's Product Description:

While on spring break in Paris, 21-year old William Lynch learns that his family has been murdered and his home burned to the ground, the brutal act of a Boston crime syndicate.

William vows to seek revenge and hires Richard, a grizzled, mysterious ex-mercenary. For a hundred thousand dollars, Richard offers to train the college student in the ways of the killer-for-hire, giving him the skills he needs to seek vengeance on his own terms.

As William matures under Richard's tutelage, he never counts on what happens when he awakens the killer within him...

KILLER INSTINCTS is a story of revenge and retribution in the style of Brian Garfield's vigilante killer novel DEATH WISH, mixed with Charles Bronson's classic assassin-in-training thriller film, THE MECHANIC.

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