Monday, April 8, 2013

Pirates of Alnari gets an Awesome New Cover!

My friend Dan Eldredge's book, The Pirates of Alnari, has recently received some TLC in the form of a great new cover by Ander Plana, the artist who did the covers for both of my COMMANDO books and my Nanok short story. Ander is a real pleasure to work with - fast, communicative, receptive of author input, and just a really great guy to work with overall. I was a little hesitant to send Dan to Ander without a letter of introduction, so I made a tentative inquiry for him, but Ander has told me that he's more than willing to talk to other authors about commissions. If anyone wants his contact information, please drop me an email and I'll pass it along.

Dan also took the time to give his book another formatting pass, hunting for any errors and tidying up the book's presentation, especially in print. He's also added a newer, slicker map, and a clickable table of contents in the ebook version.

One of the great things about publishing on your own (at least I think it's great) is that as time goes on, you can always revisit a project and tweak it a little here and there. Some might argue that a work should never go out a door until it is "done right", but I disagree in part because "right" doesn't always mean "final". You might put out a book that's a great read, well-edited and so forth, but then a few months later decide that you want to add a foreword, or an author's note, or change how the linking is done. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't do this, and in fact Amazon makes it very easy.

If you're a fan of Game of Thrones - style fantasy stories, as well as anything having to do with Pirates (and really, who doesn't like Pirates?), you should check out Dan's novel over on Amazon. A great book - violent, smart, and well-written - at a solid price, too.

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Chris said...

Ander really does do great work. I have this book, but haven't read it yet. Will rectify that soon. . . .