Monday, May 20, 2013

New WW2 Short Story - Our Turn to Shoot by Dan Eldredge

My friend and fellow author Dan Eldredge has released a new military short story, entitled Our Turn to Shoot (click for the Amazon page). The story revolves around a US Navy carrier attack by Dauntless dive bombers against a Japanese base in the Marshall Islands, the first action of our battle for the Pacific during the war. Although a small raid, the attack showed the American people that its armed forces were responding to Pearl Harbor and capable of going on the offensive.

Here's the product description from the Amazon page:

In early 1942, while the Imperial Japanese Navy rampaged in the western Pacific and the East Indies, the US Navy was desperately attempting to recover from the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. A raid by US Navy aircraft carriers on the Japanese-held Marshall Islands was a small but important step in showing the world that America was still in the fight.

Ensign Jim Novak is a dive bomber pilot on board USS Enterprise, eager for a chance to take the fight to the enemy. This will be his first mission to strike a blow against the Japanese, but it could also be his last...

Our Turn to Shoot is a short story of approximately 6,300 words.

 If you have an interest in WW2 fiction, especially anything pertaining to the battle for the Pacific, I encourage you to give Our Turn to Shoot a read. At $0.99, it is a quick, entertaining story that touches on an important moment in our military history.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I used to read lots of WWII fiction and nonfiction. haven't done so in a while, but this sounds pretty good.