Thursday, February 4, 2016

Author Sean McLachlan Interviewed Me for Black Gate Magazine

This week, Sean McLachlan interviewed me for Black Gate Magazine, a website filled with interesting articles about books, history, fantasy worlds, and many other topics which might visit folks who visit me here. You can find the interview by following this link.

Sean is a highly talented author, having written for Osprey Publishing for many years. I used his book on Civil War Guerrilla tactics while writing Renegade's Revenge, and he's helped me immensely over the years by beta-reading a number of the Commando novels.

 You should take a moment to also stop by Sean's blog, Midlist Writer, and also drop by his Amazon Author Page. I've really enjoyed everything he's written, from his TRENCH RAIDERS series of World War One adventure novels, to his TOXIC WORLD series of post-apocalyptic fiction, and if you like historical supernatural horror, check out his HOUSE DIVIDED series of Civil War Horror novels. All of it is top-notch fiction.


FreeLiverFree said...

Good Interview!

It's interesting you note how the Men's Adventure stories reflected the times they were written. I always felt the same thing. I know Don Pendleton created the Executioner because he was angry about how vets returning from Vietnam were treated, but he also had been reading a lot about the Mafia.

Anonymous said...


Ryan Dempsey said...

Great interview! Really excited about the hints at a Tanker novel, in particular. I read "Tiger Tracks" per your recommendation and I'm curious to see your take on it.

Jack Badelaire said...

Ryan, if you can find used copies of the "Panzer Platoon" series (I reviewed a couple of them last year, and need to finish my review series soon), I think you might enjoy them. Not as action-packed or full-throttle intense as TT or TLP, but still entertaining.