Monday, January 9, 2017


Although it was mentioned in last week's 2016 Writing in Review post, I wanted to formally announce the release of the first book in a new series: REVENANTS #1: Assault on Abbeville. The Amazon product description is as follows:

As the Third Reich stands triumphant upon the ashes of Western Europe, five men sneak into France under the cover of night. During the German blitzkrieg, each of them had been left for dead by their comrades. Now, these once-dead men, these revenants, have come together to infiltrate Hitler’s Fortress Europe on a mission of murder. Their assignment: hunt down and assassinate the deadliest German in France.

Outnumbered and outgunned, the Revenants must rely on their cunning, their skill, and their cold brutality to do the impossible and survive. The odds are overwhelmingly against them, and there are enemies at every turn, but when everyone thinks you’re already dead, you’ve got nothing left to lose.

REVENANTS: Assault on Abbeville is the first in a series of military action - adventure novels written in the spirit of classic war movies and wartime adventure pulp fiction. It is related to the author's COMMANDO series, but can be read and enjoyed on its own.

 Unlike the Commando series, Revenants features five men who once served in different Allied armies: France, Belgium, Norway, Poland, and the Netherlands. Each of these men was left for dead on the battlefield during the 1940 invasion of Western Europe, and through one method or another, found their way to England. There, these five men were recruited to carry out assignments that no Allied government would officially sanction.

In contrast my Commando series, I intend for Revenants to be darker, both in tone and in moral outlook. These men aren't bound by any "rules of warfare", and while the Commandos aren't ones to favor a fair fight, the Revenants live to fight dirty - it's the only way five men can survive any battle against the Nazi war machine.

If you are a fan of the Commando series, I think you'll enjoy the Revenants series as well. They are both in the same "universe", meaning references to characters and events may cross over between the two series, much like my fellow author Dan Eldredge's Ranger series, but you in no way have to read one of my Commando stories in order to enjoy Assault on Abbeville.

Currently, only the eBook edition is available on Amazon, but I hope to get the paperback edition published before the end of the month. There is a link to the book on the right-hand sidebar, but if you are viewing this on a mobile device, you can go to the Amazon page by clicking on this link.


phillb29 said...

I just finished reading this and I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to the next book. It reminded me of the short-lived "Resistance" series from the 80's, supposedly penned by "Gregory St. Germain". I'm curious if this old series was in any way an inspiration for "Revenants"?

Ryan Dempsey said...

I enjoyed this first book and see lots of potential. Was this an intentional attempt to bridge the gaps between your cash cow WWII action series and your vigilante passion projects? Intentional or not, it's an interesting maneuver from both a creative and business perspective.

I think this is a great avenue to deliver a great villain into your WW2 book-a-verse. One of the potential pitfalls, I think, of military fiction series, is that "THE MISSION" is effectively the antagonist and that could grow dry after a while. But with the asymmetrical warfare and the shadier operations these guys have to go through, you could circumvent that comfortably and maybe the events brush up against the more standard and straight faced action books.

What if these aren't the first Revenants that Wormwood has assembled? A feud with an Ace German Sniper? A rogue British or American Tank crew? What was organized crime up to in Europe? I'm not saying give them a superstar "Fu Manchu" mastermind, but it'd be pretty aces.

Jack Badelaire said...

@phillb29: I do in fact have the RESISTANCE series, and while I haven't read beyond a few chapters of the first book (I confess, the printing and font size are really hard for me to read), the idea definitely fueled the design, so to speak, of the REVENANTS team. In truth, Gold Eagle Books' PHOENIX FORCE was also a very strong influence, as was the DESTROYERS/DIRTY DEVILS series.

@Ryan: Revenants stories exist in the same "universe" as Lynch and the other Commandos, so there are references to the adventures of 3 Commando in Assault on Abbeville, and there are some AoA references in the sixth Commando book, which I'm writing now. I hope the series will be less DAKKA DAKKA BOOM BANG PEW PEW, mostly because with only five protagonists, they simply can never fight the sorts of battles a score or more of Commandos with LMGs, mortars, and other weapons can hope to win. Other books, like the MATT HELM novels, are a strong influence, trying to blend in more spy/crime drama into the stories is one of my hopes as the series continues. Everything you pondered above is great idea fodder!

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