Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hatchet Force Cover Gets A Pro Makeover

What do I find upon waking up this morning? A couple of e-mails from Christopher Mills, a fellow whose blogs I've been following for several years now.

And what does Sir Christopher have for me in said e-mails?  Why, a professionally re-designed cover for HFJ#1, of course:

When I originally designed the Hatchet Force cover, I drew heavily from the old vintage paperback covers (the font I picked is as close as I could get to the font used for the Phoenix Force books) as well as old 70's and 80's Soldier of Fortune magazine covers. 

But it's not 1981 anymore, and Christopher saw that my cover needed a little modern pop! to give it some bite.  I couldn't be happier with the results.

I'm taking on Christopher as my cover layout and design artist from here on out, and will be sure to offer up my firstborn to a god or godling of his choice as a sign of my appreciation for his support.


Anonymous said...

The new cover looks great! Can't wait to read the issue.

Jack said...

I posted my review on Amazon of Issue One. Nice Job, I'm really looking forward to Issue Two.

Matthew P. Mayo said...

Handsome cover! I'm headed over to Amazon for a copy right now.

Congrats on the launch!