Thursday, September 20, 2012

Book Review: Lightning War (The Furies #2) by John Steiner

The second of Steiner's Furies stories is just as good as the first, perhaps even better. While the first half of V for Vixens kept the reader guessing as to just what exactly was going on, Lightning War starts off strong with a bit of a "gotcha", and ends with an excellent action sequence.

In this second volume, The Furies take on a new member and at the same time, are assigned the task of eliminating a cell of German agents, all female, operating as intelligence gatherers in England. The first half of this story spends a good amount of time further developing the relationships between the Furies themselves (and that entails all sorts of relationships...), and I think Steiner does an excellent job of painting the women in vivid, but believable colors.

The second half of the story is the raid on the German cell. Talk about bloody, brutal, and cold - we can see these ladies are more than capable of dishing out violence in all forms, without pity or remorse. Steiner can certainly find his way around a gunfight, and I'm looking forward to more "Furious" action in the other books.

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