Wednesday, September 19, 2012

COMMANDO: Operation Arrowhead is Free for the Kindle Today

Just a heads-up that my WW2 action-adventure novel COMMANDO: Operation Arrowhead is free for the Kindle today via Amazon. I had some (relatively) decent sales last month, and this month is looking pretty solid as well. For comparison, I sold twice as many copies of COA in August as Killer Instincts managed in its first three months. The book is actually doing better in the UK than in the US, which I guess isn't all that surprising as it is about British Commandos, and from what I have seen digging around Amazon there is quite the market in the last couple of years in WW2-era war and adventure fiction. Hey, if there's a market trend out there, I'm happy to hop along for the ride.

So, if you were curious about the book but didn't want to invest the requisite cabbage, today's your chance to pick up the ebook for free.

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